By request of our clients for a tent that was not conventional in appearance Rental Network has developed our first theme tent. The style is influenced with a Bedouin and Moroccan flare, utilising soft natural colors and fabric. We pride ourselves on creating solutions with exactly the right look and feel for our clients.


  • Top and Side Fabric is Beige/Champagne
  • Non gloss Textured flame retardant vinyl to current Canadian ULC and US standards
  • 50' x 60' Interior usable space - Clear span interior with optional/removable flame retardant wood center poles
  • 56' x 66' Roof area
  • 58' x 68' Foot print - Flared side walls at base- Adjustable to conform to site obstructions and access
  • Pole Tent Look - 29' center pole height, 10' side height-interior, 8'6" side height exterior, Gold peak detail or with pennant of choice
  • Scalloped perimeter with limited height and shape conforming valance
  • May anchored with steel stakes or by Blocks or other Ballast anchorage not visible from exterior or interior
  • Cotton Canvas like Flame retardant Liner and Wall Drapes
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