Rental Network tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

You should use these figures on your own only in the initial stages of planning. By taking into account a number of different factors such as line of sight, the area required by the caterer, the entertainment, and most importantly your personal vision of the function and the comfort of your guests.  Our special event design assistants will be pleased to assist and oversee the planning of your next function or tented event.  Our team will provide an initial site inspection determining the size and product type hat best suits your function, discussing and determining placement of the tent on the property. Assisting you in making any final selections and the right decisions for your needs.

From a more intimate gathering to a large corporate function, Rental Network has everything covered.

To assist in your planning, the following is a guide to approximate the area you will need for each person under the tent or canopy.

Cocktail Party / Standing
Cocktail Party / Seated
Reception / Partial Seating
Cathedral Seating (in rows)
    Rectangular Tables (table service)
    Rectangular Tables (buffet service)
    Round Tables (table service)
    Round Tables (buffet service)
    Square Tables (table service)
    Square Tables (buffet service)
Dance Area
AV Technician

5-6 sqft / person
10 sqft / person
8 sqft / person
6 sqft / person

10 sqft / person
14 sqft / person
12 sqft / person
16 sqft / person
12 sqft / person
16 sqft / person
2-4 sqft / person
16-20 sqft / participant
100 sqft / bar
100 sqft / technician
16 sqft / participant, consult entertainer or entertainment provider for requirement
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