Elegant Marquee Rental Canopies are small tension type structures that are suitable for the most formal event where the group size is small. Canopies can be grouped together to allow for larger functions. Available in sizes from 8'x8' to 30'x30', with 30'x40' hexagonal and triangular versions as well make the Marquee Canopy a versatile appealing addition to any event.  Side walls can be added to enclose the canopies.

Fabric Available
Block-out White
Custom Colors
Colored Overlays are available for an added personal unique appearance.

Available Sizes
8' x 8'
8' x 15'
10' x 10' Triangle
10' x 10'
10' x 20'
15' x 15'
15' x 20'
20' x 20' Triangle 
20' x 20'
20' x 30'
30' x 30'
30' x 40' Hexagonal

Side legs are available in
8', 10', 12' heights

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