From establishing a basic ambient light to something more sophisticated Rental Network has the products that will deliver your intended vision.

Twinkle Lights  Sample: 1 | 2
Simple and effective. A tent's interior perimeter trimmed in these provides low level ambiance and gives an effect that goes far beyond the value cost.  Adding more increases the splendid effects. Light dimming or light control is not normally used with this product, however optional dimming may be desirable on a more involved installation.  Imagine your dance floor covered with diffused star an effect of thousands of twinkle lights covered by a shear tent liner.

Icicle Lights  Sample

Mini Globe Lights  Sample
String lighting of incandescent bulbs 13/4" in diameter on 12" spacing. These bulbs may be installed in any pattern desired and is a festive alternative to twinkle lights. Basic light dimmers may be used with Mini Globe Lights to soften the effect.

Chandeliers Sample: 1 | 2 | 3

Harvest Chandeliers  Sample
Custom crafted by Rental Network these unique wood chandeliers with adjustable height rustic Edison type blubs of vaiours shapes may be used to enhance any event space. These also can be used to complement our own Country Harvest Tables

Rustic Iron Chandelier    Sample
Custom crafted by Rental Network available with or without silk greenery available in 48" and 60" diameters.

Tent Halogen and Halide Light Systems - these products are generally used for established basic ambient lighting.  The fixtures are more industrial in appearance and are the most cost effective.

Marquee Center Pole Light System, 600 watt
Consisting of four 150 watt quartz halogen fixtures mounted to a shared base this product is designed specifically for installation on a Marquee Canopy center pole.  Up to two units can be grouped effectively on an individual pole.  Up to two units may be desired on 20x30, 30x30 and Hexagonal Marquee.  These units may also be gelled for color effect and used in conjunction with an individual dimmer assembly or with a electronic console dimmer.

1000 watt Light System Sample: 1 | 2 | 3
Made up of two 500 watt quartz halogen fixtures mounted to a shared base; these units when used with our custom tent specific mounting products can be used in any tent type, Marquee Canopy to Clear Span structure. Gel may be applied to these fixtures when light dimming is used.

400 watt Metal Halide Sample: 1 | 2
Metal Halide fixtures produce over 4-5 times the light (measured in lumen/watt) than an equivalent wattage quartz halogen fixture. ideal for trade show space, temporary retail areas, warehouse applications and service areas. Light dimming devices may not be applied to Metal Halide fixtures.

Production Light Fixtures  Sample
Used for producing basic effects lighting. Normally installed utilizing a light control device(s), the lights are attached to the tent frame with our non-marring clamps, or independently by use of light tri-stands.

Source Four Par, 575/750 watt  Sample: 1 | 2 | 3
These are a wash type fixture with rugged die-cast construction, and easy-to-change lenses. The Source Four Par offers 25° to 45° degrees variable beam size.  Used with our ergonomic floor bases or non marring tube clamps allows for a multifacetted installation.

Source Four Ellipsoidal, 575/750 watt  Sample: 1 | 2
The industry standard ellipsoidal reflector spotlight family.  With framing shutters, gobo/pattern slot, and effects slot for the most effective beam control possible.  Available in fixed focus angles of 5°, 10°, 14°, 19°, 26°, 36°, 50°, 70° and 90°.

Fresnel 500/1000 watt  Sample
A Fresnel is a spotlight which employs a Fresnel lens to wash light over an area. The lens produces a wider, soft-edged beam of light, which is commonly used for back light and top light. The distinctive lens has a 'stepped' appearance instead of the 'full' or 'smooth' appearance of other lenses. This means that the intensity of the light is consistent across the spread of the beam of light.

Pin Spot  Sample
As the name implies this is spot light that directs a very narrow beam of light. Use for lighting table tops, center pieces, and directing light at mirror balls. Pin Spots may use colored gel for additional effect.


Site/Grounds Lighting and Supplements - providing lighting for guest and service staff access may be achieved with the aid of from modest to more dramatic with use of Rental Networks Outdoor Lighting products:

Ornate Light Stands  Sample
Ideal for lighting pathways, delineating entrances, and outdoor reception areas. Available in a White Globe style and Black Coach lamp style.

Balloon Light  Sample: 1 | 2
The 52" diameter balloon light is very unique and may be used in many imaginative ways. They can be situated on stands, placed on the ground or hung from ceilings. The Output ranges from 0 to up to 2000 watts. The balloon can be customized with logos or graphics. Commonly used for creating spectacular entrances, reception space and lighting pathways.

Propane Tiki Torch  Sample
Ideal alternative for lighting reception areas and walk ways.

Metal Halide, Wobble Type Site Light, 400 watt
Sturdy self righting work light. Used for illuminating driveways, loading areas, and service areas. Available with optional reflector to direct light where its needed most.

Portable Light Tower  Sample
Totally self contained light towers with adjustable to 40' height mast and 4 powerful totally adjustable 1000 watt metal Halide fixtures. Used for lighting large areas, parking lots, park sites.

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