Contingent on the application Rental Network will provide the product or system that best accommodates.

Infrared Radiant Products
Used for general heating outdoors where allowance for ventilation is not a concern. These products are not recommended for use in enclosed spaces.

Products Available:  10,000 btu - 60,000 btu
                                       Patio Heaters Sample
                                       Tower Heaters Sample: 1 | 2
                                       Table Heaters Sample
                                       Radiant Heaters Sample

Direct Fired Forced Air  Sample
Basic entry level tent heaters; these are installed out of the tented area and ducted under the tent side wall by use of a floor diffuser. Each heater is installed with an independent thermostat, or depending on the unit used up to 3 units may be connected to a singe thermostat creating "zone heating" or areas of varying temperature. Heat distribution is more evenly obtained by use of multiple units and/or optional air plenums and distribution ducting either on the floor or mounted on the tent roof. These units are suitable for use and most efficient in totally enclosed tent applications.

Products Available:  80,000 btu / 170,000 btu / 250,000 btu / 350,000 btu

Indirect Fired Forced Air  Sample: 1 | 2
Similar to direct fired heaters, however the products of combustion are not discharged into the heated space. Fresh air is drawn in, heated, then discharged into the heated space. Discharged through a vent piper or flue. Due to the heat exchange function, Indirect Fired Heaters are 2-3 times the size and weight of Direct Fired Tent Heaters.

Products Available: 185,000 btu / 400,000 btu

Hydronic Air Heat Exchanger  Sample: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
The most efficient and finest of all portable heaters. A central heater(s) is located near
the heated space connected by hose to multiple forced air heat exchanger located within the tented space. Each exchanger(s) is equipped with an individual thermostat. The discharged air temperature is infinitely adjustable for the utmost in comfort. The heated air is recycled through each heat exchanger for added efficiency. Imagine your floored and carpeted tent covered space with a heated floor, available products are 250,000 btu, 980,000 btu and 1,100,000 btu Propane or Diesel Fueled, with combinations of 50,000 btu, 80,000 btu, 100,000 btu, and 200,000 btu exchanger as well as ground/floor heating hose assemblies.

Products Available: 980,000 btu and 1,100,000 btu Propane or Diesel Fueled with combinations of 50,000 btu, 100,000 btu and 200,000 btu exchanger as well as ground / floor heating hose assemblies.

Portable Fire Pit  Sample
A Rental Network designed and created solution. Theses Fire Pits are propane fueled and utilize a ceramic log set in a copper finished enclosure. Each Fire Pit is approximately 3' x 3' square that adds a striking impression to outdoor functions. Larger brick finished Pits are available at approximately 8' in diameter when a blazing vision is sought.

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