Tent flooring is the answer for leveling areas, covering imperfections, or protecting a surface and most of all keeping your guests' feet dry if bad weather arrives. Rental Network specializes in flooring solutions to create the ideal foundation for your outdoor function.

PORT-A-FLOOR Plastic Flooring  Sample
Conforms to existing grade, ground contours, and irregularities. Best suited for concrete, asphalt, ice surfaces, well maintained grass, and some well maintained compact gravel surfaces. Light grey in color, appearance may be enhanced with carpet coverings.

WEB-LOCK Interlocking Plywood Flooring or Plywood Flooring  Sample
Conforms to existing grade, covers minor ground irregularities. Provides firm walking surface, best suited for grass, loose or compact gravel. Carpet covering recommended.

ELEVATED Leveled Flooring System  Sample: 1 | 2 | 3
Covers all ground irregularities, provides firm level surface, engineered to a minimum of 150/sq ft. Rental Network has two systems, sample-stage based - viable for elevation changes 3/4" up to 6' and scaffold based - for elevation changes from 12" to practically any change in height.

H.D. Elevated Leveled System  Sample: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Sample-scaffold based

Cassette Flooring System  Sample
Designed for installation with our Hoeker Clear Span Structures.

Carpet Coverings
Black, Blue, Green, Grey
Custom carpet and colors
available on request

Dance Floor
Oak Dance Floor, 3’x4’ Sections
  Sample: 1 | 2
Black and White Dance Floor, 2’ x 2’ Sections 
Black Dance Floor, 2’ x 2’ Sections
White Dance Floor, 2’ x 2’ Sections

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